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Ancient Astrology DVD

Discussions take place on a Google forum called rec.music.dementia. This forum is open to the public and is not moderated by anyone at drdemento.com. It is read regularly by the webmaster, and is a good place for group discussions concerning the show and the site. Apart from posts made by the drdemento.com webmaster, no information posted there is officially endorsed by drdemento.com.

Click here to visit the discussion forum. Anyone can read the posts, but to make your own posts you must sign in or create an account by clicking on "Sign In" in the upper right-hand corner.

You can also access this forum with client software such as Outlook Express or many others. For more information on how to do this, search for "news" or "newsgroups" in your ISP's help documentation.

(Note to users of the former phpBB2 forum: This forum has been discontinued. Since groups.google.com is not under our control, accounts were not transferred from the old forum. An archive of past postings was created, and if for some reason you need access to them, please e-mail the webmaster.)

National Radio Hall Of Famer Dr. Demento celebrated his 40th Anniversary in 2010! Click to hear the two and a half hour celebration!

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